In today’s society, trading is becoming an even bigger part of people’s daily lives and the ‘basic’ individual investor is becoming more influential with the help of social media.

From being traders ourselves, we have always searched for other people’s opinions and views on stocks before we bought as they helped us get a feeling about what might happen next. However, we were never able to find a website that worked long term, many places became a place for ‘traders’ to promote their products and use the site for their gain. We wanted a place where investors can all benefit from the informative views of others, even if they are controversial!

So, this is where TrendyToros comes in. We decided to make our website where investors can easily post their opinions every day and have a better understanding of the market and companies, they are invested in. The site boasts a whole range of attributes all of which we know will benefit users. With company charts, up-to-date prices, (most importantly) informative views and opinions from investors around the world as well as many more. TrendyToros is a place for every investor.

No matter the market, we have a place for you to express your opinions. From Penny stocks to the biggest companies on the planet.

While we are only small, the trading community is continually growing and TrendyToros is an expanding platform to help traders from around the world understand the overall sentiment about stocks in the market. So, stay around and watch the community grow!

Note: Only content posted that is in line with our rules and guidelines are acceptable!